The Canadian

The journey West on VIA Rail's Canadian began in Toronto and continued for 3 days and two nights to Jasper. The stops along the way (see map below) were few and far between -- and only long enough to stretch our legs.  We saw lots of lakes (Ontario has 25% of the fresh water in the world) and 2000 or so miles of farm country.

Before boarding the train, we spent four days and nights in Toronto.  Click here to see the highlights of our stay in that city, or ride on to Jasper, below.

All aboard!

Our accommodations were adequate, but a bit cramped.  The photo below (left) shows our room with the bunk beds stowed and the chairs opened for daytime.  Across from the chair is the door to our tiny bathroom.  The drawing on the right shows the actual dimensions.  (Most pictures on this page are from VIA website.)


We were fed breakfast, lunch and dinner in the Dining Car and enjoyed the scenery (and the company) in the Skyline Car.  We also read a lot to pass the time.

Dining Car (left) and Skyline Car on The Canadian

We didn't take many pictures (they would have been blurred and repetitive), but the three shown below pretty much tell the story - lakes, trees and prairie.


 First stop: JASPER

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