The City of Victoria, Western Canada's oldest city,  was founded by the Hudson's Bay Company in 1843 as a trading post and fort.  Fort Victoria, named after Queen Victoria, was located at the southern end of Vancouver Island.  In 1862, the town site "Victoria" was incorporated as a city.  In 1871, when the Province of British Columbia was established, Victoria was proclaimed as its Capital.  This is truly a charming city with a European flair.  The pictures below show some of the highlights of our 3-day stay and include walking around downtown, touring the Parliament building, visiting Butchart Gardens and spending time with Jeff and Chelsea Miller.

Walking Around

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We enjoy a special bond with Carmella's daughter Cheryl and her family.  While we were visiting Victoria, Jeff and Chelsea came up from their home in Washington to spend some time with us and enjoy the city.

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