Getting Ready

Preparing for a new baby can be lots of fun and also a lot of work.  Not surprisingly, Kara and Steven did both.  Below are some pictures of the nursery as created by the expectant parents..  The Winnie the Pooh theme was also used in Kara's nursery many years ago.  These designs were drawn and painted by Kara. 

and finally...

(OK, I cheated here a little)


More nursery pictures ...

The rocking chair (used frequently by Grammy and Papa)

"Tigger" rug

"Winnie the Pooh" rug

In addition to working on the nursery, Kara was busy "building" the centerpiece of this project.  These photos were taken before leaving for the hospital on Sunday, December 17.


The waiting is over!  It's December 17, the baby is due tomorrow, and Kara is definitely ready to share her "special package" with the rest of us.

Mommy and Grammy

Keeping Mommy and baby warm

The parents-to-be

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