Gina & Kara
On this page, we will reminisce about some of our favorite moments with our beautiful daughters, Gina and Kara, and the special men in their lives, Dewite and Steven.  You may scroll down or go directly to one of the following links.

Gina & Dewite's Wedding
Kara & Steven's Graduation
Kara the Firefighter
Kara & Steven Do Vegas
Gina & Dewite Visit Las Vegas

Kara & Steven's Wedding

Prior to beginning our July 2002 trip across Canada (see Our Travels), we traveled to Virginia to attend a wedding and visit with Gina and Kara.  Here are some pictures taken before and during the wedding (click on picture to see a larger version).  The bride is Meg (Gallagher) Brinker, who grew up with Kara an lived down the street.


Our time together was made even more enjoyable by a visit from George's cousin Mary Ellen who brought along Patrick Gengarelli, the son of George's cousin Dick and his wife Rosaria.  This was the first time we had met Patrick whose family lives in Naples, Italy.  (Click on picture to view larger image.)


During the Spring, 2002 soccer season, Vienna Youth Soccer (VYS) had a new team with two former players (Gina and Kara) now filling the role as coaches.

The "Patriots" with rookie coaches Gina (top left) and Kara (fifth from left)

Before heading West in September 1999, we gathered our Virginia family together for this group photo. On the left are Gina and Dewite who celebrated their first wedding anniversary in October. On the right are Kara and Steven - the newest couple in our group. Kara and Steven both graduated from the Firefighter Academy on March 6, 2000 (see below).

Not included in the above picture is the youngest member of the "family" who keeps Gina and Dewite busy as she lives up to her name "pouncing and bouncing" around the house.


After a grueling six months of intensive training, Kara and Steven survived and were graduated from the the Fairfax County Firefighters Academy. Out of a class of 19, only 8 made it through. Kara was the only woman. On March 6, 2000 they were officially elevated to Firefighter II status and received yellow hats. Congratulations to both of them!
We are very proud parents!

Steven and Kara proudly display the yellow hat

Kara shows Gina her newest symbol of achievment

Fairfax County Fire Chief Stinette congratulations Kara

The Bonkoski family celebrate the big day
(left are Steven's father, John, and brother Brian; his mother Linda is on the far right)

"Momma don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys ..." OK, what about Firefighters?!! Who would have guessed that one day our adventuresome Kara would trade in the red hat on the left for the Red Hat on the right.  Scroll down for more of her adventures as a firefighter.

The first three pictures show the graduating class. Nineteen started out - these are the ones who made it.

Now, let's highlight our stars ...

Can you guess which one is Kara?

That's Kara showing the boys how to do it.

Here's Steven showing his knot-tying talents.

Kara, Steven and the Chief discuss gear

Kara (red hat on left) practices with real fire

That's our daughter -- with a chainsaw!

We are the very proud parents of these two volunteers

In case you missed it, here are George's personal highlights of 1998!


In case there was any doubt about the effect that Dewite's stature will have on the average height of our family, here's George's mother and Dewite competing for the star roles in "My Giant."

Here are some images of Virginia that will live forever in our memories. We lived in this house for 26 years -- beginning in 1973. The trees were small or non-existent then, but now the house is surrounded by mature trees in both front and rear.

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