After years of encouragement from their friends, Susan and Jim Schaeffer, George and Nancy finally made it to the Hawaiian Islands.  We spent seven days (from January 29 to February 5, 2005) at the beautiful Sheraton Maui on the island of Maui.  Since this was our first trip, we allowed our "hosts" to show us around.  We managed to pack a lot into our one week: beach bathing, whale watching, 2 rounds of golf, poolside entertainment, a luau, lots of shopping, scenic drives, great restaurants and wonderful drinks!  Since we were unable to do it all, we plan to return next year for 2 weeks and see what we missed.  Below are some of the highlights of our trip captured in pictures and four short videos.  Enjoy -- we sure did!

The Sheraton Maui Resort
(where we stayed)

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The Sheraton Maui - Bldg 5

Evening view from our room

The beach in front of our hotel

The pool with hotel in background

Evening view of pool from our balcony

Daytime view of pool

Black Rock

The lone palm tree on Black Rock

Black Rock is a popular diving spot

Nancy poses on our balcony

George and his first Hawaian shirt

Reflections of Nancy

Watching the whales (and the whale watchers) from our balcony

Whale watchers head back to shore

Nancy looks out from our balcony

Night at Black Rock

Preparing to light the torches on Black Rock

A boat approaches Black Rock

Closer view of Sheraton balconies

Sunset from Susan and Jim's balcony

Sunset at Black Rock

The torch lighter

Black Rock with lighted torches

The balconies at Black Rock

Balcony neighbors

Balcony neighbors up close

Enjoying a Luau at the Hyatt
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Susan and Jim at the Hyatt

George and Nancy at the Hyatt

African black-footed penguins at the Hyatt

Inside the Hyatt

Cooking for the luau

Roasting a pig in the ground

The pig rises from the pit

Here comes dinner!

This guy shinnied up the palm tree

Luau performers

The luau dancers

Luau hard bodies

Beautiful hula dancer

She's a future star

He plays with fire

The following video clips were taken at the luau.  Since video files are large, they may take a while to download.  Your patience will be rewarded.
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  Also, if you utilize content blockers, you may have to turn them off temporarily.)

Susan and Jim at the Luau

The Luau Dancers

Hula Dancer

The Fire Dancer

Whale Watching
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The Whale Watchers Three

Susan and Jim watch for whales

Susan watches in the rain

Nancy and George on the whale watch

Wet whale watchers

The whale watchers four

Nancy on the whale watcher boat

Finishing lunch

Jim watching the whales

Heading back to shore

Nancy's ready now

Sightseeing around West Maui
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Lahaina scenery

Roadside viw in Lahaina

Nancy was born in the Year of the Rooster

The Pineapple Plantation

A lovely tree at the Pineapple Plantation

Circling West Maui

Stormy skies over West Maui

Scenic point in West Maui loop

A view of West Maui from the loop

West Maui shoreline

Old church on West Maui loop

Nancy pauses (and poses) during West Maui loop

Golf, etc.
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We played golf at Kaanapali South and Kaanapali North (despite the rain) and dreamed of playing at Kapalua's Plantation Course on our next visit.  On our last night, we enjoyed dinner with a view at the Kapalua Plantation Course restaurant.

This is the year of the Rooster

Stormy skies at Kaanapali North

Right down the middle!

Partial clearing at Kaanapali North

Golfing (not us) at Kapalua's Plantation Course

A tough hole at Kapalua's Plantation course

Nice house overlooking Kapalua Plantation Course

The 18th fairway at Kapalua Plantation

Nancy and Susan get dressed up for our last night

The ladies await their car

Waiting for dinner at Kapalua Plantation

Dinner for four at Kapalua Plantation

Sunset at Kapalua Plantation

The sun goes down on our visit to Maui

... until next year!




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