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Ortigia is the "old town" of Siracusa.  We spent four days in Siracusa with Ortigia as our base.  To learn more about Ortigia, click here.  To see where we stayed, go to L'Approdo delle Sirene.  From our base, we visited and photographed Neapolis Archaeological Park , Castello Maniace and Agrigento. Then we moved on to Catania.

Ortigia Island

The "old" city is connected to the Siracusa mainland by 3 bridges.


one of the bridges at Porto Piccolo


fishing boats in Porto Piccolo

Typical street in Ortigia


A really narrow street

The Consultant

Bob consults a map

Driving in Ortigia

Two-way street?

Ortigia traffic

He has the right of way

The Duomo in Ortegia

currently being renovated, so picture is from Internet

Duomo Interior

Note the Greek columns from former Temple of Athena

Ortigia Duomo

another interior view with ancient columns

Ortegia Duomo

exterior view with column budges


Church of St. Peter and Paul


Fontana Aretusa


Fountain of Diana


Boats docked near our hotel


Church of Santa Lucia alla Badia in Piazza Duomo

Piazza Duomo - Ortigia

Strolling through the Piazza

Piazza Duomo

a popular gathering place


Ruins of Temple of Apollo discovered in the center of the city


Uncovered ruins of Temple of Apollo in city Center

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