Kara & Steven II


On the day after their beautiful wedding in Virginia, Kara and Steven left for a honeymoon in Las Vegas and a special repeat performance for Kara's grandparents.  Kara is the youngest of George and Ida's grandchildren and this was the first time that they were unable to attend the wedding.  So, the newlyweds arranged for a wedding in a Las Vegas Chapel on The Strip, complete with Elvis!  Friends and neighbors joined us at the chapel and at a special reception held at George and Nancy's house.  The pictures below give you some idea of the fun that we all enjoyed.

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The setting - Candlelight Wedding Chapel, Las Vegas

The Candlelight Wedding Chapel

Elvis gets ready to "perform" the ceremony

"Dearly beloved ..."

"Do you take ..."

We do!

"I now pronounce you ..."

"... man and wife!"

"I think Elvis is hot!!"

Asa joins in singing "Viva Las Vegas!"

Elvis, Kara and Steven

A Kodak moment

The bride and her grandmother

Bride, groom, parents and grandparents

Susan and Neil Ludvigson (these are his pictures)

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"Thank you, thank you very much"


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