Our first stop upon arriving at the North Island was the Capital city of Wellington - the southernmost point.  Since New Zealand is about 1,000 miles long and only a couple of hundred miles wide at its widest point, it has lots of coastline.  As with all the cities we visited in this beautiful country, Wellington features a stunning harbor and picturesque mountain ranges.  As the Capital, it is also the home to the country's
Parliament, which is one of the must-see attractions in a compact downtown area that encircles the harbor.

Wellington was a last minute substitution on our tour, but from our accomodations at the InterContinental to the incredible Te Papa Tongarewa Museum and an unscheduled stop at Peter Jackson's WETA Cave, this city was one of the bright spots of our trip.

To view a slideshow of our visit to Wellington (music by Simon & Garfunkel), click here.


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