We boarded the ship in Copenhagen, Denmark.  We arrived a day early in order to see some of the city highlights.  Here's a sample:

Tivoli  - main entrance
this old amusement park contains 36 restaurants and 26 rides

the famous Tivoli Gardens - featuring 400,000 flowers, plus ...
Nimb restaurant, ship on the lake, Nancy, Town Hall view

Stroget - a pedestrian only downtown area with lots of shops

Borsen - the stock exchange - a 17th century building

Rosenborg Palace - built by Christian IV in 1606
home of the crown jewels

Christianborg Castle - the Danish Parliament
(that's Frederik VII (1848-63) on the horse)

Amalienborg Palace - residence of the Royal Family
consists of four palaces arranged around a central square

changing of the guard at Amalienborg Palace

obnoxious tourists pose with the guard

Amaliehaven - a beautiful garden behind Amalienborg Palace
Frederik's Church (aka The Marble Church) is in the background

the original sculpture of this well known image of Christ
stands behind the altar inside Frederik's Church

The Little Mermaid statue in the harbor
 symbol of Copenhagen
inspired Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale

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