Tallinn, the Capital of Estonia was our first port of call after leaving Copenhagen.  Since gaining its independence from Russia in August 1991, this beautiful city has prospered.  In addition to Russia, Estonia has been ruled during its history by Denmark, Germany and Sweden. The name Tallinn means Danish City.  At the top of Toompea, a steep hill at the center of the city, is the Old Town.  The lower city includes modern shopping areas and art galleries.

this is a broad view with the spire of St. Olaf's Church on the right

Toompea Castle in Old Town and the "Tall Hermann" tower

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral - a Russian Orthodox Church in Old Town

minstrels at Dominiiklaste Klooster - a Dominican monastery in Old Town

a view of the lower town from atop Toompea hill

a warm greeting from factory workers as we head down the hill

our guide in front of the Art Museum in the lower town

the main street of the lower town

and proof that we were there

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