Kalmar, Sweden

From Stockholm, we sailed about 265 miles south on the Baltic Sea to Kalmar, Sweden.  This small town of 58,000 inhabitants features one of Sweden's finest Renaissance castles, Kalmar Slottet.  Our ship was too large to dock in the harbor, so it was anchored offshore and we were transported to shore in covered boats called "tenders."

being "tendered" from ship to shore

Kalmar Slottet (Castle)

inside the castle ...

the chapel, the King's Chamber, the checkered hall

outside the castle ...

through the mist you can see the caretaker's house across the moat
on the right is the castle cemetery

   crossing the moat                                cannon on the ramparts

       weapons inspection (no looka good)                         ready! aim!                            

In addition to playing around in the 14th century castle (above), we walked around Kvarnholmen Island (site of the modern city) and Gamla Stan (Old Town) and saw these sights: 

Domkyrkan - the Cathedral of Kalmar - 17th century
("Karl's Church" is located in the center of Kvarnholmen)

the pipe organ over the entrance, the altar, the pulpit

Kalmar Town Square

a tower overlooks the ancient city wall on Kvarnholmen
on the other side is a bridge to Old Town (Gamla Stan)

beautiful parks in Old Town

a boutique shop with an appropriate name

and a final memory of Kalmar ...

if you take one more #*&%!@ picture ...

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