The ship sailed from Helsinki around dinnertime and arrived in Stockholm, the 700-year old capital of Sweden, in time for breakfast.  Our stay was too short to take in all that there was to see and do in this beautiful "city that floats on water."  Stockholm means "town between the bridges."

view of Stockholm from the dock

Our tour was limited to Gamla Stan (Old Town), the central island of Stockholm, where the Royal Palace is located.

Gamla Stan (Old Town)

pass through these gates to reach the Royal Palace

the Royal Palace (Kunliga Slottet)

Royal Palace Sights

the Crown Jewels and the changing of the guard

stairway, the lion symbol, Royal Chapel

Stockholm Cathedral (Storkyrkan) is located next to the Royal Palace

here are some Old Town sights outside the gates

the narrow streets of Gamla Stan


Kronor Museum, City Hall, the narrowest street (90 cm)

the Royal Opera House and National Museum of Fine Arts

Cruising the Stockholm archipelago

the archipelago consists of more than 24,000 islands and islets

Here are some of the sights along the way ...

hotels, houses or castles(?) along the archipelago

a viewer and the view

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