From Warnemunde we traveled about 200 miles back to Denmark to visit Aarhus (Århus), home of Aarhus University and Marselisborg Palace, the summer residence of the Queen of Denmark.  Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark (after Copenhagen) and lies on the east coast of the Jutland peninsula.

the city center of Aarhus (St. Clemens Cathedral in back)

a walking tour of the busy city center

St. Clemens Cathedral (aka Aarhus Domkirke) - 12th century

the center aisle of the church and the altar (1479)

the principal organ (1730) and a modern addition (1979)

the baptismal font (1481) and the pulpit (1588)

the Votive Ship "Unity" - 1720
Ships hung in churches symbolize human life from cradle to grave

a wall sculpture, 24-hour clock and royal chapel

other Aarhus highlights

Aarhus Theater

Marselisborg Palace - summer residence of the Danish Royal family
when the Dannebrog - the Danish Flag - flies over the Marselisborg Palace, everybody knows that the Queen is in Aarhus

About 25 miles west of Aarhus is the town of Silkeborg.

The Silkeborg Museum

the Tollund Man - 2400 years old
this well-preserved body was found buried in a peat bog north of Silkeborg

Hjejlen - the oldest operative paddle steamer in the world
(this coalburning paddle steamer has sailed the Silkeborg lakes since 1861)

Himmelbjerget (Sky Mountain) is a 482 ft. hill formed by the melting waters at the end of the Ice Age.  At the top is a tower and spectacular views of Lake Jul-Sø and the surrounding area. 

The Himmelbjerg Tower, 82 ft. high 
erected in 1875 in commemoration of King Frederik VII

a thatch roof house in Silkeborg

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