Searching for Roots

Italy - October 2016

After many years of talking about it, my sister Carmella and I, accompanied by our spouses, embarked on a journey to Southern Italy to visit the birthplaces of our grandparents and search for living relatives.  Following a brief bit of R & R on the Amalfi Coast, our travels took us to the town of  Montescaglioso, located in the region of Basilicata, where our maternal grandparents were born and raised.  After exploring the beautiful sites and meeting and visiting with the beautiful people there, we headed for Acri, located in the region of Calabria, where our paternal grandfather was born.  The results of our search for our roots, along with the many other magnificent places that we visited, are documented in the photographs that you will find by following the links below.

Positano and the Amalfi Coast


Cugini (cousins)



Calabria - Cosenza - Acri